Ranking the LEGO Games *Updated*

Hey folks. I have started writing for The Xbox Enthusiast and decided to share my Ranking LEGO article on the site. In hindsight, I did make a few updates to my original order. If you'd like to see where I currently rank all 20 LEGO Games you can check it out there: Part 1 - … Continue reading Ranking the LEGO Games *Updated*

Stikbold! Review

It’s the classic story that everyone has heard. Girl walks by boy. Boy falls in love with girl. Devil drops in from the roof and kidnaps girl. Boy grabs best friend, Jerome, and a dodgeball. The two journey from place to place challenging various groups of strange and unique people groups to dodgeball matches, hoping … Continue reading Stikbold! Review

Super Mario Monday: Parent Challenge Week 1

Super Mario Maker was released on Friday, 9/11/2015.  We decided to start a new series called Super Mario Monday. On Super Mario Monday's we are going to play through levels in Super Mario Maker to share with you guys.  This week we begin what we are calling the "Parent Challenge".  In the Parent Challenge, we … Continue reading Super Mario Monday: Parent Challenge Week 1

The Five W’s of Disney Infinity 3.0

A feature we do here at Geek Family Media is the Five W’s. The Five W’s are where we answer 5 key questions to inform gamers about upcoming releases. Today’s game is Disney Infinity 3.0. Title: Disney Infinity 3.0 Developer: Avalanche Software (With Various others) Publisher: Disney Interactive Release: August 30th, 2015 Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox … Continue reading The Five W’s of Disney Infinity 3.0

The Cost of Buying Disney Infinity 3.0 on Xbox

Disney Infinity has confirmed, via Twitter, that the digital version of Disney Infinity 3.0 will cost $29.99. However, if you purchase the game at launch on either Playstation or Wii U digital services, it will cost you $19.99. This is bad news, not just for Xbox fans but for Xbox proper.  Let me tell you … Continue reading The Cost of Buying Disney Infinity 3.0 on Xbox