Ranking the LEGO Games


LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens collects the story content from Episode VII along with a handful of ancillary stories to take the characters through. LEGO Star Wars: TFA also boast a significant graphical upgrade from previous games. Whether you are taking our TIE Fighters over Takodana or Fighting for your life against Kylo Ren, LEGO Star Wars has never looked or felt better.


Why #4? I think that LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens was probably the most difficult for me putting this list together. On one hand, I think it’s near perfect. It looks better than any game before, the flight missions are spectacular, and it has Microfighters you can jump on at any time. On the other hand, it’s seriously lacking in content, it adopts mini hub worlds, and is littered with fetch quests. In the end, the positives won over. If someone was asking me today, what LEGO Star Wars game should they buy, out of the 5 available, I would say The Force Awakens. That is enough to earn the #4 spot for me.


  • The Game Looks Amazing
  • Best Flight Missions Ever


  • Smaller Hub World System
  • Limited Story Content

4 thoughts on “Ranking the LEGO Games

    1. I do remember, yes. There were actually 2 Indy games. They were mostly week in my opinion, but TT has really grown since the release. I’d love to see them revisit the property, maybe Young Indy Adventures.


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