Ranking the LEGO Games


*Note: I did not include LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Star Wars II on this list, since both were collected in “The Complete Saga”

LEGO Star Wars was the game that started it all. In 2005, TT Games introduced fans to a simple formula: Retell classic stories using LEGO. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga contained story levels for all 6 Star Wars Episodes. Jedi Battles, Space Dogfights, Troop Battles, Bounty Hunts, and so much more.


Why #6? It took me a while to find the right places for LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. When I started the list it was #1. Honestly, LEGO games today would not be a thing without LEGO Star Wars. Then I wrestled with it being in the top 10 at all. By nature of it being the first game in the series, it clearly shows it’s age and has been improved upon time and time again by more recent games. In the end, I didn’t feel right making this list without including LEGO Star Wars in the top 10. It was the forerunner for the LEGO games and it is still one of my favorite video game versions of the movies I love so much. 10 years later it’s lost a little polish, but it’s not a nearsighted scape pile just yet.


  • It’s Star Wars from start to finish
  • Ton of stuff to do


  • Feels dated compared to modern LEGO games
  • Heavy slow down when there is a lot on screen

4 thoughts on “Ranking the LEGO Games

    1. I do remember, yes. There were actually 2 Indy games. They were mostly week in my opinion, but TT has really grown since the release. I’d love to see them revisit the property, maybe Young Indy Adventures.


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