Ranking the LEGO Games

LEGO 7 - Pirates

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (LEGO Pirates from here on) is based on the move series of the same name. The game was released at the same time as “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and includes story content from the first 4 Pirates films. The game focused on various character skills like Jack finding treasure with his compass, Will throwing Axes, or Davy Jones walking underwater. Players would unlock additional areas of “The Port” as a hub world to explore in between story missions.

LEGO Pirates

Why #7? LEGO Games tend to fall into one of two categories: Action or Adventure. LEGO Pirates falls perfectly into the Adventure category. The game offered really fun and creative puzzles, over the top LEGO humor, and a swashbuckling good time. Unfortunately, as with all of the “Adventure” LEGO games, LEGO Pirates is often slow and occasionally just boring.


  • Pirates
  • Great Level and Puzzle Design


  • At times it can be a slow burn
  • Not much endgame after the credits roll

4 thoughts on “Ranking the LEGO Games

    1. I do remember, yes. There were actually 2 Indy games. They were mostly week in my opinion, but TT has really grown since the release. I’d love to see them revisit the property, maybe Young Indy Adventures.


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