Ranking the LEGO Games

LEGO 2 - City

LEGO City Undercover is the only Unlicensed LEGO game released to date. Players take the role of undercover cop, Chase McCain in the huge, open world playground of LEGO City. Chase is on a mission to stop the notorious Rex Fury who is terrorizing the city. Run, jump, climb, drive, and fly your way to making LEGO City a better place to live.


Why #2? There are two types of people. Those that already know why LEGO City Undercover is #2 and those that have no idea what LEGO City Undercover is. Here’s the truth, LEGO City is the most under-appreciated LEGO game to date. It was released in 2013 as a Wii U exclusive…so basically sent to an early death. Thankfully, early this year TT Games released LEGO City on every platform, including Switch. What makes LEGO City Great, for me, is two fold. First, it is hilarious! So well written with great voice acting. This is an original LEGO story, in the vein of 80’s buddy cop TV show, and it had me laughing out loud from the opening cutscene. Second, is that it’s basically GTA but less killy. This is a sprawling open world that the player gets to explore. Jump in a car or a truck or a helicopter and just take off. There are side missions everywhere and secrets to find. It’s just such a fun city to get lost in.


  • Fantastic and Hilarious Story
  • Huge Open World


  • Looooooooooooong Load Times
  • Mostly Forgettable Side Characters

4 thoughts on “Ranking the LEGO Games

    1. I do remember, yes. There were actually 2 Indy games. They were mostly week in my opinion, but TT has really grown since the release. I’d love to see them revisit the property, maybe Young Indy Adventures.


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